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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And they have snow, too

How could I not stop and take a picture of this sign?
A lot of places have ice. A walk through a downtown alley revealed some impressive icicles.
However, the river has been losing ice even though it was very cold last night. My computer said it was 12 degrees this morning.
Shadows are key in taking pictures of snow, otherwise it is just white. With no real place to sled, kids use the tiny hills by the swimming pool. It is too bad that Rensselaer does not have a real hill in one of its parks. (Speaking of shadows, can you see my shadow in the picture above?)
The weather forecast says we will lose some of the snow and ice tomorrow and Friday as temperatures get above freezing, but we may get it back with interest over the weekend.

On to other things.

I enjoyed the JCEDO open house tonight (Wednesday). I met a number of people I did not know, including the state senator for northern Rensselaer, Ed Charbonneau. I live two blocks south of his district that includes Pulaski County and parts of four other counties. The Rensselaer Republican took a couple pictures of the event and I tried to stay out of them. I heard a lot of interesting conversations and even contributed to a few. One of the fun parts of this blog is that it gives me an excuse to go to meetings like this.

A friend shared a link with an interesting organization with a branch in DeMotte. The group makes hand powered carts for the disabled in third-world nations. I had not seen anything about them before.

Last week I saw in the distance the construction on the Magnetation plant near Reynolds. I was traveling south on US 421 in White County, but turned on CR 375 N which is the back way to get to Indiana Beach and other places north of Monticello. The plant looked like it was a couple miles further south on US 421. I was tempted to go further so I could take some pictures, but resisted.

Fowler may be getting a new bottling plant. I heard through the grapevine that someone wants to bottle MudLavia water. The MudLavia Hotel in Warren County was once a popular health spa. It burned in 1920 and changes in fashion discouraged its rebuilding. I had never heard of it until a month or so ago.

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Interesting post covering several topics well. The weather photos/text sequence was excellent. Made my day.