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Monday, December 16, 2013

from Fair Oaks Farms

I have got nothing today and it is too cold to go out and find out something. However, Fair Oaks Farms posted the picture below on their Facebook page with the following comment:
Since Fair Oaks Farms began construction of its new restaurant this past month, visitors have asked what it will look like? When will it open? What will it be called? What will be served? Well to answer a few of the questions — the restaurant will open June 1; we will serve great sit-down restaurant steakhouse food and take a look below to see what it will be called and what it will look like! We hope to see you there when it opens! Mooo, oink and woo hoo!
 Fair Oaks Farms has 17990 likes. If you do not like them yet, you might be able to be the 18.000th fan.

Over the weekend I figured out how to embed a Facebook feed on a website. Now I just need to find someplace to use that bit of knowledge.

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