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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday adventures

What do you do when you have visitors from out of town and you want to entertain them? One answer is to take them to Fair Oaks Farms, which is likely to give them an experience unlike any they have had before.

The Visitors' Center had a Christmas theme.
Of limited interest to my guests was the construction progress on the restaurant that will open in mid 2014.
We toured the dairy farm first. It provides a welcoming environment for migrating birds--abundant food, open water, and shelter. There were thousands of them and the farms do not know how to get them to continue on the migration south.
Back at the Visitors' Center, the boy from another blog had a lot of fun conquering the climbing wall. 
Every time I have been to the Pig Adventure I see something new and learn a bit more. This time AI was the featured attraction. That is not AI as in Artificial Intelligence. Two boars were attached to the Boarbots to stimulate the gilts or sows. Those that would "stand"-- ears erect and front feet firmly planted--were given some special attention. The whole procedure is quite interesting--when you visit the Pig Adventure, ask about it. You will be given all the details that may not be appropriate for a family friendly blog.
In the parking lot we saw a strange vehicle that I would not have noticed, but one of my guests did. Can you identify the make and model of this car?

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