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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pictures from SJC

I noticed a few new things at SJC this week. A door has appeared in the north side of Halleck Center. It is probably been installed to better accommodate people in wheelchairs. It will not do that until a new sidewalk is completed.

On Tuesday there was ice on the fountain despite the return of warmer temperatures this week. The water was squirting higher than it had before the pond renovation. There was also a crane and I always stop to take pictures of cranes.
The fountain had been turned off on Thursday. The buildup of ice on the fountain looks cool, but it also damaged the structure.

 Here is a better picture of the crane.
 The road by the tennis courts was dug up to fix a pipe.
Over Thanksgiving break new classroom furniture was installed in the Science Building. I had love-hate feelings about the old furniture, which was there for longer than anyone can remember. I liked the wood and the history the desks embodied, but I was frustrated by the inability of the students to restrain themselves from writing inanities on the desk. One year the tops of the desks were refinished--by the end of the school year they were again all marked and carved up. It is harder to mar the new desktops, but I would be willing to bet that their lifetime will be a small fraction of the lifetime of the wooden desks that they replaced.
 While plastic may rule the classroom, wood has invaded the corridors of the Core Building. Wooden benches began to appear a few months ago. Their rustic, unfinished look does not blend well with the sterile walls and floor of the hallways.
Students are finishing classes this week and will have final exams next week.

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Capouch said...

The benches were made from the "Friendship Tree" which sat on the south side of the Chapel complex, and which was blown over in a storm several years ago.