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Friday, December 20, 2013

Where and what? (Updated)

Do you know where this picture was taken and what it is showing? It was taken yesterday (Thursday) and today most of that snow would be gone after above-freezing temperatures and rain.
I will update with an answer tomorrow.

Benton County Economic Development put a promotional video on Youtube. I thought it was interesting. (The video mentions the Teays River, which two million years ago drained much of what is now the eastern US.)

Update: The scene is from the east end of Maple Street, east of the state highway garage and north of National Gypsum. It will be the future home of a solar panel farm. The placement of the culvert allows machinery access to the field, a necessary first step. I expect to be making frequent visits in 2014 to document the progress of the project.

Today (Saturday) is the winter solstice. That means that the days will start getting longer, though it may not be until the end of January that most of us will be able to see the lengthening.

It looks like I was wrong a week ago when I predicted a white Christmas. The weather forecasters did not predict the rain that we have had this weekend which is melting most of the snow.

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