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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Magnetation (Snow update)

I drove past Reynolds yesterday and got a picture of the construction of the huge iron ore processing plant under construction. I have seen it several times in the distance when I go to Monticello, but this was the first time I had been close.
There are more pictures of the construction at the Magnetation site. (The plant was previously mentioned on this blog here and here.)

How will this plant affect Rensselaer? The most obvious effect will probably be an increase in railroad traffic through town. It seems likely that the CSX line will be delivering much of the raw material.

Not only is the size of the facility impressive, but it also has an impressive flock of cranes.

Update: We got the predicted snow last night--two or three inches of wet white stuff that has decorated tree branches and the north side of tree trunks. It has shut down the Rensselaer schools and also neighboring schools. It is very pretty, but it is getting old.
 The river has re-flooded Weston Lake. It has a yellowish color that contrasts with the white and blacks that predominate.
 I see that blogspot is pixelating my pictures again.

The snow plows get another workout. It has been a good year for the snow removal business.
It is March so in a few days it will melt.

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Anonymous said...

i passed by that new plant
on way to lafeyette , was
wondering what they were doing

thanks for great blog again

glen dulaj