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Saturday, April 12, 2014

A spring day (updated)

This morning (Saturday) people gathered at Brookside Park for Earth Day festivities. One of them was a 5K run.
After the event an announcement reminded people that the Chloe 5k will be held on May 17.

Another event was snake petting. Not everyone was up for this event.
A booth for birders had a kit to make a bird feeder from a pop bottle. The base was the key. The people here also want to establish a bird feeder in one of the parks and were looking for people to help keep it maintained.
 The Nature Conservancy had a nice map of their property in Newton County with a sketch of the hiking trails.

 Leaving that event, I went to see how much snow is left in the Walmart Parking lot. The pile is still a couple feet tall.
 It is reduced from what it was on Thursday. Do you think it will last until Easter?
Across the street football players were practicing at SJC, a reminder that some people are already looking forward to fall.

I discovered this week that the public library allows people to access for free. I have been trying to find as much as I can about my family history (it seems to be something that people do at about my age) and have been using, which has access to many documents, but not as many as I expect to spend  quite a few hours at the library for the next few months trying to track down family history. To access, you must be in the library and use the address

The Rensselaer library will have a program about using their databases on Tuesday, April 22 at 5:30 pm. Registration is required and there is a limit of 9 people.

Update: The warm weather has melted most of the ice bank. There is just a bit left as of Sunday afternoon. Maybe the rain tonight will eliminate it.

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Anonymous said...

Like the map a lot of the Conservancy. Is it worth the trip and hike on the grounds?