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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Busy Saturday, Part 2

In addition to a grand opening, a fly-in at the airport, and cleanup day at the fairgrounds, today featured a car show in Brookside Park and the annual Cruise Night. One could not miss the effects of this vehicle at the car show. It blasted music so everyone could hear it. What I wonder is why music of the 1960s and 1970s is tied to the car show.
There are some vehicles that are much older. Shouldn't there be some ragtime and big band music in honor of those cars? Like this Plymouth. I am not sure what year it was, but it looks late 1930s or early 1940s.
 It has a neat hood ornament. Hood ornaments were once very popular and then died. Why?
 Here is a Buick for which the music fit.
 The placard said that this was once a 1934 Dodge. I wonder how much of the original car is still there.
 Here was another remade vehicle--or at least that is what I assume it is.
 There will be no Mustang Roundup this year, so our one and only car show is now history.

There were big crowds lining the streets for the Cruise. The red car coming towards the camera had the new fair queen and her court. They will have a busy couple of weeks ahead of them.
 The crowds seemed to be thickest around the College Mall. They were definitely thinner north of the river, and the further north along the route you went, the thinner they got.

The cars turned around at Walmart. I noticed that the trees next to the Strack and Van Til parking lot had been recently cut down.

 A crowd favorite is vehicles that burn rubber. It makes a lot of noise and a lot of smelly smoke.
 At the Charlie Roberts dealership the fire department had three vehicles on display, including their newest acquisition, a 1940 American LaFrance fire truck, the second fire truck the department owned. It had a sign in the window, "Do not shift truck into gear at any time."
 The old horse drawn trailer was used before the trucks. Note the interesting spelling of Rensselaer. It apparently came that way from the builder in Lafayette.
The sock hop in the park was canceled. There was a bit of rain and the sound man did not want to risk getting equipment wet. I think also that the Little Cousin Jasper folks were too exhausted to do much more. They had been up since 5:30 this morning. They served breakfast and lunch at the car show and they apparently did very well, serving a lot of meals.

I mentioned in part 1 that I had been getting in touch with my inner princess. I have also been getting in touch with my inner pirate, and that voyage has also come to an end.


Desert Survivor said...

Congratulations on your new maze books! You will be making some little princesses and pirates very happy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Cruise Night trip. What a busy day in Rensselaer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cruise show. Now, why were the trees cut down by SVT? I hope there's a good reason; I like trees!