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Friday, July 18, 2014

New things

The Taco Bell restaurant under construction by I-65 now looks like a Taco Bell. The store is much further along than it was when I last visited about a month ago.
 This blog has posted several times about a proposed MacAllister Building just east of the airport. It has been mentioned a few times in county meetings, and the project has had some delays because of FAA regulations. The company had a display at the County Fair with a drawing of the proposed building.
 I learned that all the MacAllister locations are owned by the MacAllister Corporations--there are no locally-owned dealerships of franchises. The owner, named MacAllister, lives in the Indianapolis area.

I drove past the site of a new dairy supply at the intersection of SR 14 and SR 49 on Wednesday and construction has not begun, though there are lots of flags in the field. I was on my way to pick blueberries, which have had a very good crop this year. While there, I saw a long, empty coal train on the way west and a crop duster plane. If you have been paying attention to the airport, you know that the crop dusters are in for their annual visit.

The staff at the pool was as surprised as I was to see a new diving board installed today.

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