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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ribbon cutting and new beginnings

Castongia's John Deere dealership is 75 years old this year, though not all of those years have been in Rensselaer. In honor of the 75th anniversary plus remodeling of the front end of their building that doubled the size of the showroom, they had a ribbon cutting.
 Do you recognize what this piece of equipment was used for? I wonder if anyone still produced it.
School started this week and I noticed some kids at the RCPS enjoying their favorite class.
 New students were arriving at SJC and moving their stuff into the dorms.

Some Rensselaer businesses and organizations were taking part in a business fair, making themselves known to the new students.
 The Purdue football team has returned to their plush West Lafayette quarters. From the story that aired on WFLI last night, it sounded as if a primary reason for the Purdue trip to Rensselaer was to make the Purdue players appreciate how nice their facilities are. Today the SJC football was practicing and there were no news media to distract them.


Anonymous said...

Anyone from rural Indiana should recognize a manure spreader! Or as my dad used to call it "spreading liquid sunshine".

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to a fine 75th Anniversary celebration for Castongias.