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Friday, September 19, 2014

Shopping adventures at Bailey's

Many years ago I recall going to Toto for bargains, but now the place to go is a few miles south, to Bailey's Discount Center. Yesterday I visited their store located four miles east of North Judson.
 The Center is big and across the road is another huge building, a warehouse to store merchandise.
 When you walk in, it does not look like a normal store. It has a limited selection of items, but large amounts of the items that it does have.
 The sign says the store has seven acres of floor space. I could not check the claim, but the store was big.
 What the store offers changes because it buys up lots of things that are not selling in other stores or that are in some way defective. On Thursday they had containers of Pringles Tortilla chips for 33 cents. I found on their Facebook page that a month ago they were a dollar a can. However, the cans that were left were dented and mangled, and much of the contents seemed to be crumbs.
 The store has a large section of furniture. I could not tell if the prices were good or not. However, in the rest of the store, some prices were very cheap and others not especially good. They also have a large selection of kitchen cabinets that we bypassed.
 Green sprinkles were 99 cents with text in both English and Arabic. I get the impression that sometimes the items they buy are items that are test items--new products that do not make it to the mass market--things like root-beer flavored cake frosting or cotton-candy flavored cake frosting.
 They had some Duck Dynasty items, including some strange slippers. I cannot imagine why every duck hunter would not want a pair of these.
 Who could resist a kit to paint you own football for only $5.00?
 If you are in the vicinity of North Judson, Bailey's is definitely worth investigating. You never know what they will have for sale.

On the way there I took a picture of the lone windmill next to West Central High School. Does anyone know why the school put up this windmill?
Also on the way, I noticed that construction had started on a building at the intersection of SR 14 and SR 49. It will be a farm supply store specializing in equipment for dairies.

I saw on Facebook that the Morocco Dollar General store has opened. Almost all of the little towns in our area have a Dollar General or a Family Dollar store. A century ago most little towns had general stores, and now they again have general stores, only this time they are not locally owned and operated.

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Anonymous said...

the windmill out at West central is how they mostly power the schools and any extra is sent back to power company to use.