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Monday, October 13, 2014

A lot of pictures

Last week I published a bunch of pictures of the IBEC plant but did not have a picture of the steam stack. Here it is.
The fermentation tanks are on the left, the control room and the equipment that grinds the corn is in the building to the right of the tanks, the building that dries the DRG is to the right of the stack. The elevator and bins to store corn, which were not shown in the original post, are behind the stack, and the room where DDG was piled is hidden behind the fermentation tanks.

More than a week ago I went to the reception for the new art exhibit. Not part of the exhibit but for sale were items that a local man makes from natural materials. I had not seen his dragonflies before.

Last week the Friends of the Library had their Fall Fest, with games and activities for all ages, but especially the kids. I think we bought the cake on the left in the silent auction.
The Families of the JCYC had an open house last week to celebrate their first year of operation. Elsa from Frozen. and many kids had their pictures taken with here. (I have never seen the movie, but my grandkids seem to have seen it several times because they can sing the songs that were in it.)
The Youth Center is collecting plastic bottle caps, the things that you are not supposed to put out in recycling. If they can collect 400 pounds (about a million caps?), they can get a bench made from recycled caps, though they have to pick it up in Evansville or some place in southern Indiana. If you want to help them, their collection box is in the entranceway to the center.

On Saturday I rode past Brookside Park and saw little kids playing soccer in front of a lot of parents. On Sunday afternoon others were out. The Park Board wants to convert this field into two ball diamonds and I have heard people suggest that as a result there will be more people using the park. The ball fields are used intensively for about six weeks and then they sit idle for the rest of the year. The soccer field is used throughout the spring, summer, and fall. If the parks convert this field to ball diamonds and do not replace the soccer field, I am pretty sure that usage of the parks will actually fall.
This past weekend was a busy day for sports in Rensselaer.  The boys soccer team won its sectional, a first for the program. Girls soccer fell a bit short and did not win their sectional. The football team defeated Central Catholic 9-0, the first conference defeat CC has suffered since they joined the league several years ago. (However, CC may get a chance to avenge the loss because barring an upset, the two teams will meet again in the tournament.) Finally, Rensselaer  hosted cross country sectionals on Saturday. The boys team finished sixth and will not advance, but the girls had five runners in the top ten to easily finish first. Only six of the eleven teams had enough runners to score as teams.

Progress is being made on the MacAllister  building. I could see what looked like a foundation. There are lots of building supplies on the site.
Last week Town and Country Paving was busy resurfacing roads throughout Rensselaer.  They still have some left to do, but driving will be a lot easier this week than it was last week.
The longest stretch of road to be resurfaced was Walnut from US 231 to the recycling center between Rachel and Melville. Several of the lots of land along the north side of the railroad and south of Walnut have been on the market recently. I think the lot between Franklin and Webster sold earlier this year. A few weeks ago crushed stone was spread over most of the lot and on Sunday I noticed a new sign on the building.

The remodeling of the front of the Fase-Kaluf  building seems to be finished.
In the downtown the paint is being scraped and sanded from the woodwork of the building that houses the Beaver law offices.
Below are some more pictures from the Oddfellow building. The door to the northern apartment has a peep hole in it. This would not have been the main door to the meeting room, but rather more a back door. I am not sure what purpose it served.
Here is the same door from the other side. The cover could be swung to open the hole and look out.
I thought the two signs on the second floor tattoo studio made an interesting contrast.

Here is another picture of asters for no reason other than I think these little asters are very pretty.

The days are getting shorter and it feels like autumn. There are so many things to do to get ready for winter.

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