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Monday, November 10, 2014

The weekend

Are you enjoying a few days of fall weather before winter arrives later this week?

Over the weekend the SJC Choir had its fall concert. All the music was acapella, without any instrumental accompaniment. The three choir groups were excellent and had a large and appreciative crowd.
 I swung by the new MacAlister site to see how construction was progressing. The steel frame is up and some wall for the office space area is being erected.
 I finished picking beets from my community garden plot--I had a very good beet year and am not quite sure how to use all the beets I got. (The Internet says you can freeze them--I hope it works.) On the other hand, the tomato crop this year was disappointing. There are still some large rutabagas left in my plot, but no one in the family really likes them. ("Why plant them?" you ask. The seeds were mixed in with the peas I planted, so they were planted by mistake. And the reason the seeds were mixed is because I save seeds, trying to buy as few each season as possible.)
 And now for something promotional, something I have mostly avoided on this blog. I have a 2004 Ford Taurus SE with 86,800 miles that I want to sell. It has no special options--it has just the standard equipment for the SE model. It runs well and has been serviced regularly. Blue book says it is worth about $3500 in a private sale but that is not a firm price. If you are interested, contact me at rensselaeradventures at yahoo dot com.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see another local company using local product. Chief Industries, Rensselaer. Nice to see but many may not know this. Other Chief Industry Buildings are CST (Cooper Tire Service) and Fair Oaks Pig Adventure, to name a few.

jeff salyers said...

We use them for juicing with celery, carrots, cucumber, kale, spinach, ginger root, lemon, apples. It's quite tasty and nutritious.