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Friday, November 21, 2014

Where were the people?

The annual photography show at the Fendig Gallery opened today with the awards receptions. There were not many people there. Even many of the regulars at these receptions were missing. Perhaps they were sitting in the cold at the biggest football game the high school has ever hosted, a game from which the winner goes on to play for the state championship.
Congratulations to the Bomber football team for beating an excellent and talented team from Central Catholic, 17 - 14. (I am not huge sports fan, but I did predict this game on October 13. I was not brave enough to pick a winner, though.)

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John D Groppe said...

You should have been there earlier as we had students and a teacher from Tr-County High School as well as a teacher from South Newton plus patrons from Morocco and Wheatfield as well as Rensselaer. Come earlier next time.