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Monday, December 29, 2014

A visit to FOF (1 of 3)

On Saturday I had the opportunity to stop by Fair Oaks Farms--I cannot recall being there since last May. Before dining in the new Farmhouse Restaurant, I checked out the Pork Education Center, which has been under construction since the summer. The exterior looks finished. It is cute how they incorporated some of the features of an actual pig barn into the design.
To the west and north of the Pork Education Center some other construction seems to be underway. I asked a couple of people who worked at Fair Oak Farms what this project was and they were unsure, but thought it might be a John Deere Museum
Fair Oaks Farms wanted to get the Farmhouse Restaurant open by early July to be ready for the South Shore Air Show. They succeeded, but then wet weather caused a cancelation of the air show. A month or two or three later the Market and Bakery opened.
The Market and Bakery sells bakery goods (obviously) and also a variety of food products, most of which are obtained locally. It sells Fair Oaks cheese and you can see meat for sale in the display case at the far right.
Also for sale is Fair Life Milk, discussed in a post last week. (OK, not really discussed, but linked to a discussion.)
Also for sale is Core Power, a high protein milk shake that has connections to Fair Oaks Farms. (And Coca Cola, a product from a company that is helping market Core Power and Fair Life Milk.)
The Market also has a variety of local and regional wines for sale. If you look carefully, you might spot some bottles of Carpenter Creek Wine, a Jasper County product.
After spending some time looking around the Market and Bakery, it was time to continue on to the Farmhouse, the subject of the next two posts in this series.

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