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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Odds and Ends, March 12, 2015

I have been hearing sandhill cranes flying overhead all day today. If they did not make so much noise, I would not notice them--they fly high and can be hard to spot even when you hear them.

I have seen other wildlife recently as well. Last week I saw a muskrat in the river and a red tailed hawk near Weston Cemetery. A raccoon was in a neighbor's yard a few days ago. And I saw a little opossum sleeping along side Matheson Street yesterday. (I disturbed it to see if it was dead--it was not.)
Most of our snow is now gone but Lake Banet still has ice. The picture below was taken Tuesday.
 The ice in the quarry is melting in a strange way. The picture below was also taken Tuesday.
 The geese in the area seem to be pairing up.

Going to the Fair Association's Pork Chop and Chicken Dinner on Sunday I noticed that the MacAllister building has farm equipment around it. I do not know if the new building is open for business yet.
 The lone fuel pump at IBEC is open for business and has been for several weeks.
 I do not know if $1.42 for E-85 is a good price or not. Their price for E-10 was $2.30, which is not especially cheap.
Treasure Keepers is expanding--they will open a new day care center in Remington.

I stopped by the Youth Center on Sparling to donate some bottle caps and learned that they had reached their goal of 400 pounds. If you have been saving bottle caps for them, you can stop.


Families of JCYC said...

Thank you so.much for collecting caps for us and for spreading the word! :) The community has been so helpful! We appreciate it so much and we can't wait to trade them in for a bench made out of the lids for all to enjoy! Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the unusual way the ice is melting at the quarry is due to the fact that it is fed by some kind of natural spring?