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Monday, June 22, 2015

Receding River

The river continues to fall and as I write this it is at 14.23 feet, That is down from a high of about 16.67 feet, so the river does not look too bad right now. Of course in most years we never get the river this high and when we do, we consider it a big deal. Over 14 feet is considered moderate flood stage, and it should pass into slight flood stage before the end of the day. We are still setting daily records and may for a few more days. Below are some pictures.

There are no flowers blooming in the rain garden/retention pond at the water treatment plant. The rain garden at Potawatomie Park was completely submerged during the flood and is still under water, but the tops of some of the plants are now visible. It will be interesting to see if all the plants survive. They were chosen as plants that tolerated wet conditions.

The bridge over the creek in the cemetery is reappearing. You can see the difference a few days make by comparing this picture to the one here.
Much of Potawatomie Park is now above water, but the grass is dirty. Anywhere that water sat for a while is full of dirt and slime.
 There are dead worms everywhere and there is a fishy stench near the water. It appears that algae grew very well in the flood waters.

Now we have a bumper crop of mosquitoes to worry about. Some people will have to figure out what they will do with the many sandbags that they used to keep dry. Basements will have to be cleaned. There will be a lot of work to be done.

Right now Brookside Creek (aka Maxwell Ditch) is no longer over the roads to Brookside Park. There is just a bit of water covering College by Iroquois Park but the city still has that road closed. There is also still a bit of water over Lincoln Street, and that is also still closed. However, the LaRue Pool is open today for the first time in several days.

It is not just the river that is receding. We have passed the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the day on which the Sun reaches it northernmost  position in the sky. Now for six months it will travel south.

The Facebook page for Rensselaer Adventures passed 1000 likes last week.

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