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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Meanders Oct 2015

I have gotten out of town a few times in the last few weeks. On Tuesday I went east and saw the pile of corn being poured at the Pleasant Ridge elevator. It will not be as big this year as it has been in past years. Most of the fields seem to be already harvested.
 The last two times I have been on US 421 I have seen trucks with oversized loads and a fleet of vehicles traveling with them. There were six or eight cars and truck with this load and I thought it was interesting how the garbage truck gave the oversized load plenty of room. I am not sure what the loads are--they look a lot like wind turbines.
 I was surprised to see a structure across Melville from Columbia Park.  It must have gone up quickly.
 Next to it is a chainsaw sculpture that was the topic of a front page article in the Rensselaer Republican earlier this week. It has also drawn considerable attention on Facebook.
 I stopped to take one of my occasional pictures of the quarry and as I was leaving I heard voices.
 Some of the equipment was being moved. The conveyor belt that once raised the stone is completely gone. I will try to check back in a week or two and see how much more of the equipment is gone.
 Walmart is having heating or cooling equipment on its roof replaced. There is not much to see because the workers are only occasionally visible on the roof. Yesterday a concrete truck poured the floor for the storage units under construction at Vine and Cullen.
 Leaves are falling and the city's big green leaf vacuum has been roaming the streets. Below is a picture of Weston Cemetery from the pedestrian bridge. This part of the cemetery loses its leaves quite early.
Enjoy these pleasant days of autumn.

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