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Thursday, October 1, 2015

September's gone

October is here. September sure went by quickly. (Or should that be, "September sure went bye quickly"?)  Some of the trees are starting to turn yellow and there are some leaves littering the streets, so it is beginning to look more like fall. The temperatures are now more fall-like. I need to do a lot of winterizing tasks.

Work has begun on paving city streets. On Wednesday I saw the machinery that strips the top layer off the streets that will be repaved. It was on Webster near Vine. It was not in the right light but I did not think I should go over and ask them to re-position their equipment so I could get a better shot. The list of streets that will be repaved has been in the Rensselaer Republican and was on page one yesterday.

The city electrical department has been working on underground cables in the downtown. Yesterday they had turned off power to one of the stop lights so they could do their work. It turned the intersection into a four-way stop.

Today is the set-up day for the annual Saint Augustine School Rummage Sale. There is more than the usual amount of stuff, and there is an especially large amount of non-clothing stuff. The sale begins Friday at 9:00 and most of it sells for $3.00 per grocery bag. (If that is too expensive, on Saturday you can fill any size bag for only $1.00.)
On Saturday at noon cleanup of the sale begins. Later that afternoon and into the evening (from 4:00 until 10:00) Saint Augustine School will have their Fall Frolic with food, music, bingo, beer/wine garden, and kids activities. Admission is free.

The band McGuffin played its last gig for OktoberFest. I asked one of the members what the story was and he said that two of the members now live in the Indianapolis area so it was just too hard to do practices. I would not be surprised if another band emerges from the local members.

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