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Friday, October 23, 2015

Moving to Drexel

The Division of Institutional Advancement at Saint Joseph's College has moved. The office is now located on the first floor of Drexel Hall, a bit distant from the rest of the campus. The previous occupant of the building, Rensselaer's Adult Learning Center, has moved to the Chapel Basement. The old offices of Institutional Advancement were in Xavier-McHale Hall.

Drexel Hall is the inverse of Dr Who's TARDIS. It looks bigger on the outside than on the inside.
 The building has an interior courtyard. The hallway follows the wall of the courtyard, so the building has only rooms on the outside walls and they are not deep rooms.
 On entering, there is a nice reception area. This space was not used by Adult Learning.
 The hallway in the front of the building is pretty much the same now as it was with Adult Learning. The windows on the left face the courtyard. Some of the classroom space that Adult Learning had is now subdivided into offices. One of the rooms is a fairly large conference room. Only the first floor of the building has been renovated. The upstairs remains a mess. (See the links at the end of the post.)
Below is a typical office. (Never shoot into the light when you can avoid it or else you get pictures like this one.) My guide through the building said that they have more space and it is nicer space than what they had previously. They are using the entire first floor; adult learning used most but not all of it. Also, Adult Learning used it for very limited hours. The relocations should make more efficient use of space. (I do not know what will go into their old space in Xavier-McHale Hall. However, the College will have to redo its map.)

Early this year the office was extremely short staffed as a number of long-time employees left and perhaps the interim president was reluctant to hire knowing that he was a temporary replacement. With a new person joining the department in the next week, the office should be back to a full staff.

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