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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Presidential Inauguration week @ SJC

On Friday SJC will have an inauguration ceremony for its new president. I was informed tonight that it will be complete with academic procession (which I think was the case in the last three as well.) A large tent has been set up next to the Core Building for the reception.
 There have been a bunch of events on campus this week as part of inauguration week--a band/choral concert, a talent show, and a variety of events that would have happened anyway but have been labeled with the special presidential-inauguration label. There is an art show featuring work by art faculty and students in the Core Building lobby that is part of the week. One of the instructors likes beetles and bugs. He has a nice statement to accompany his pictures.
 Below is a work by the very talented artist who teaches stained glass and other glass techniques.
 The Fall Theater production has the presidential-inauguration label. This year it is a rewrite of an old 17th century play called "The Liar." It is in the very popular comedy genre of love triangles and mistaken identities. I really enjoyed it. It was well acted, and though the plot was fairly standard, the dialog was delightful. It was also in verse--pentameter. The viewer has to pay attention, but there are little comedic gems sprinkled throughout the dialog. I highly recommend it.
 What would one of these posts be without a meander, this time with a salamander? (I just came from the play.) When I lived in Minnesota the sight of salamanders crossing the road in the fall was fairly common. I found one earlier this week when I was on my way to SJC. I did not want it to get smashed by a car, so I picked up and moved it to the other side of the road. How do salamanders know where to go in the fall to hibernate?
In a bit of other SJC news, last week the college took delivery of another large boiler for the powerhouse. Last year the switchover from coal to gas heating had some problems. This year the extra boiler should provide the backup needed to prevent the problems of last year. I would have liked to have gone out and seen the delivery, but it was on one of the days when I did not feel like leaving the house.

Again, if you like live theater, check out the play at SJC. It runs Friday and Saturday nights.

Addendum: The art exhibit runs through Oct 29. The next two plays at SJC will be Picnic by William Inge (January 28, 28, 30) and Anything Goes (music by Cole Porter) (April 7, 8, 9)

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