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Saturday, October 3, 2015


The grinding of city streets seems to have been completed and repaving has begun. This morning (Saturday morning) new asphalt was being placed on Van Rensselaer Street between Kellner and Washington. Later in the day other streets were done, including, I am told, Angelica. If weather permits, I expect all the rest of the streets that have been ground to be repaved next week.
 It has been interesting looking at what is revealed when the streets are ground. I noticed brick under parts of the intersection of Susan and Weston. The bricks seem only to be where the pedestrians would have crossed the streets. At one time were the streets mud with brick pedestrian crossings?

The city has been installing new storm-drain grills on some of the streets being repaved.

OktoberFest had ideal weather but the Saint Augustine Fall Frolic was not so lucky. Saturday night was cold, windy, and had light rain. Kids still seemed to enjoy the inflatables.
 It must have been miserable sitting in the dunk tank given the weather. It was October weather like that we had tonight that caused the shift of OktoberFest from early October to late September.
The Rensselaer Republican had an article about the dedication ceremony at the hospital, which has been Franciscan Health Rensselaer. I did not see any notice that the event was happening or else I would have made an effort to attend. However, I am not sure I could have made it. I was drafted into working a rummage sale. I wonder if the end is near for that rummage sale.

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