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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Renew and new

The space that was Larry's Shoe Repair has been completely remodeled into a beauty salon with the name "Renew Salon". It has been open for business since at least Monday.

This is the area for hair cutting.
There is a small but attractive waiting area.
The largest room is set up for hair washing and drying and nails.
The owner is originally from Rensselaer (her father did much of the remodeling), but until recently was living in Indianapolis. She still travels to Indianapolis once a week to take care of clients she has there. She has been in the salon business for eight years.

Update: Renew's Facebook page is

Having seen how Renew Salon gave a complete makeover to an old interior, I decided to look at something else that is always new, fire station construction. (I am not sure when my last post about the fire station was--maybe here.) Walls are up on the east side.
Some of the brick facing is in places, especially on the north side.
The view from the southwest corner.
The retention pond now looks like a retention pond. It is a very large retention pond.
On the way to the fire station I noticed a large dumpster being delivered to the north end of Mattheson. A house there had had a fire. I do not know if they will demolish or repair.

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