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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Odds and Ends 01-23-2016

I traveled to Monon this week and along the way I noticed considerable progress on two buildings under construction. On the corner of SR 114 and US 421 a banquet hall is being built. It goes under the name Meadow Springs, A Place of Celebrations and the Facebook page is here. The Facebook page has pictures showing construction and also a floor plan. In Monon at the intersection of US 421 and SR 16 a large gas station is being constructed on the site of the old high school. I could not find info about it on the Internet.

After the Tourism Commission meeting on Friday, I asked the chair of the Commission what was new at Fair Oaks Farms where she works. She said that the Crop Adventure will be opening in May and that it would have some exciting exhibits. I wondered how exciting crops could be, but she said that some of the work inside was being done with National Geographic and it will be very interesting.

Jasper County Economic Development Organization has published its 2016 investment guide to Jasper County. It has much of the same info that the 2015 guide had, but has been totally reformatted. Below is the listing of the largest non-retail employers in Jasper County.

Another set of statistics that I find interesting is commuting patterns of workers. Jasper County exports a lot more workers than it imports.

One of my neighbors saw a bald eagle in Brookside Park today. Keep looking up.

The Community Garden group continues to plan for the 2016 garden season. The garden plots will be north of town near the County Annex building that houses the Extension offices and the County Surveyor. On February 9 there will be a workshop on how to plant seeds. It is scheduled for 7:00 pm in the surveyor's office. There should be more info soon in the newspaper and in flyers.

The Rensselaer branch of the library had a train day today (Saturday).

One of the displays was for the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson, a place that is on my list of places that I should visit. It has a free museum open every Saturday from 9 to 4 central time. Admission is free. It also has train rides in the summer.
The weather forecast for next week has days with temps above freezing!


Jim Earnest said...

I think the gas station at Monon is a Caseys. Similar to the one that was recently opened in DeMotte.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is a Casey's..the 5th largest pizza retailer in the US.

Steve B said...

The employment stats are interesting. I found it most interesting that DeMotte, the second largest town in Jasper County, has fewer employers on the list than either Wheatfield or Remington. I am guessing that DeMotte is a bedroom community for most of the commuters who leave Jasper County to work in Lake and Porter Counties.