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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Odds and ends 02/03/2016

Our very warm weather continues. It has been good for construction. The exterior of the Comfort Suites appears to be finished except for signage. The picture was taken on Sunday.
Doors have been installed on the fire station. This is the view of the north side of the building.
The corner of Lincoln and Jefferson has some big trees. They will not be there too much longer. This is where construction will soon begin on the high water treatment plant. We have to kill the trees to protect the environment.
So soon the area will look like the north side of the newest addition to Weston Cemetery. Or is it the south edge of the west section of Brookside Park?
Heritage Office Products is now closed. Below is the sign on their door.
The Rensselaer Branch of the Jasper County Library has a display of Indian artifacts in the lobby display window. Some of the items may have been moved from the display case by the genealogy section of the library. That display case is now empty, probably getting ready for something else.
A recent post mentioned the new Jasper County Guide for Investment. If you would see more of what is in that report, the publication is available here.

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Norma Schultz said...

If u will take notice,The trees that has cut down at Brookside Park near the new cementary HAS been replaced with new trees,, Those trees were rotting and a danger to people who walk the trails...from Norma Schultz