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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lots of changes

I left town for a few days and came back to a large bird welcoming visitors to the downtown. (More pictures here and here.)
The lift that the painter used had been in front of the old Odd Fellows building, so there has been little progress on that project.

On Monday, June 20 there will be a mural completion celebration that is open to the public at 4:00 pm.

US 231 is being torn up and the highway is a mess going south. I am not sure how far south this work goes. The highway will be resurfaced from SR 16 to the Washington Street Bridge. I may have captured the last bit of the removal of the old surface.
I came back into town on SR 114. The parking lots for the new Comfort Suites were being paved but I did not stop for a picture. It should be open soon.

The Verizon store is getting a face lift.

Blockbuster has finally completed its going-out-of-business sale and the building is available for leasing.
Fastenal has left the College Mall and moved to Drexel Drive. Also in the College Mall, Family Dollar has almost no inventory left to sell, but the little that is there is 75% off. It will soon close and is scheduled to reopen on July 7 as Dollar Tree.
I noticed that Rensselaer lost a mural, though it may have lost it quite a while ago. There used to be a funny bowling ball on this wall.
At SJC the trusses for a new, pitched roof are in place on Gallagher Hall.
The roof has not been put over the new deck for Mount Hood Pizza, but there are chairs and tables already on the deck.
The jackhammering into the limestone has ceased at the construction site of the high water treatment plant. There is a large amount of rebar on the site. Whatever they are going to build will have a lot of concrete.
What I think will be the control building has a sand floor and lots of pipes or conduits poking up from it.
I may have something in a few days about a new business moving into the back of the Jordan Floral building.

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