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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

More odds and ends, 05-22-2016

The summer solstice has come and gone, so now days are getting shorter and winter is on the way.

US 231 is partially paved through town. The center two lanes have asphalt, but the shoulders are still unfinished. On Tuesday afternoon the paving crew had passed the main SJC entrance and was working southward.
Traffic was reduced to one lane.
The SJC football team is on campus and practicing. Boy Scouts have a day camp at Lake Banet.
Maintenance work continues year round at SJC. The steam pipes need lots of attention. The link between Halleck and Bennett Hall is being replaced.

The old pipe was thick steel but the heat and humidity were too much for it.

Family Dollar has closed. In its last days it had 90% off but virtually nothing left to sell. The contractors have arrived to remodel it to a Dollar Tree.
Speaking of trees, the large elm across from the post office is getting its own bump-out to protect it from traffic and snow plows.

Mount Hood Pizza is applying for a alcohol beverage permit. The notice is on their door. The Alcohol Beverage Board usually meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 in the Rensselaer City County room. Rarely does anyone from the public show up.

BJ's World of Products and Crafts will be closing in mid July. It contains about ten vendors selling products as booth sellers.
The LaRue pool opened today despite the rain. It had two early swimmers and then was empty.

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