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Friday, June 3, 2016

Tidbits June 3, 2016

The Jordan Township School has been demolished. The Jasper County Historical Society had pictures on Facebook here, here, and here. This blog posted about the school several years ago here.

The old Monnett School building has a for-sale sign in front of it.
Rensselaer Central Schools has a sign on a bus seeking bus drivers.

Embers has announced that its building will be getting a mural the in the week of June 13. The Clinic of Family Medicine announced a new nurse-practitioner is on the staff.

Wood Seed and Lumber, which has been in business since 1939, has been sold and will become Wagner Seed and Lumber, or maybe just Wagner Lumber. When I came to town the business was on Front Street, where Stunt Dog Studio is today. When Jasper County Farm Bureau closed its lumber yard, Wood Seed moved there and added lumber and other building supplies. The store currently keeps only grass seed in stock but will order other seeds. It will be interesting to see how the store continues to evolve.
Ardent Paper and Photography announced it is no longer taking new appointments and will be winding down the business. The owner found better opportunities. The old Sears store in the College Mall has a temporary tenant that is selling fireworks again this year as it has done in the past several years. Langley Insurance on Front Street had a fire in early April caused by a downed power line. It is still in temporary quarters. Mrs Langley said it took five weeks to get the building permit to repair the damage. The deck for the patio in front of Mt Hood Pizza and Grill has been completed. I admire the carpenters who got a flat surface on a very uneven parking lot.

There is a construction trailer at the Babcock Quarry. Perhaps they will soon demolish the old house.

The water in the quarry is getting close to another bend in the road.

The construction crew for the high-water treatment plant have hit limestone bedrock. One machine has a giant jackhammer on it to break up the rock and the other scoops the rock out onto a large and growing pile.

What will be a building on the site has had its second concrete pour.

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Anonymous said...

Love all your pictures, but especially the quarry. I was not tall enough to take a photo over the fence.
Thanks for all the news.