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Monday, August 29, 2016

And suddenly, poof, they are up

I have been visiting the east end of Maple Street each week to see what progress is being made on the National Gypsum expansion. For weeks all that was happening was movement of dirt. The last picture I had taken was on August 12 and it is below.
 On Sunday I was surprised to see the walls of the addition had been erected. It may be hard to tell from the photo below because the addition has the same style walls as the original plant. However, you can see through the windows that there is no roof on the new part. I am pretty sure I was there on the weekend of August 20=21, so the walls were put up in just a week.

I noticed that the Preferred Medical Academy that had been located in the Town Mall (the old Sears Building) is gone. I am not sure how long it has been gone. I could not find a website to see if it had moved to another location and its Facebook page has been deleted. It had provided training for certified nursing assistants.

WLFI reported that the Magnetation plant north of Reynolds may shut down at the end of September. The company employs about 165 workers and has been in bankruptcy proceedings for some time.

This morning (Monday) a new crane arrived at the worksite of the high rate treatment plant.

The mosquitos population has grown and there are some really big ones in that population.


RoadRunner1117 said...

I agree about the mosquitos! I was in the cemetery just before the sun was to go down and I couldn't believe how big the mosquitos were!

Anonymous said...

Poof is a good description of the project.