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Friday, December 30, 2016

A last post for 2016

When paying my TV Cable bill on Thursday, I noticed a couple of new businesses in the Town Mall. B&D Pools & Spa has moved from McKinley Avenue to Suite 16 in the Town Mall, on the same hallway as TV Cable. Their former location, next to Hope Community Church, is for rent. Their Facebook page is here.

Also new in the Mall is a company called Management Advantage, which leases apartments. I found their website (here) and they are based in Lafayette. It seems that they provide services for people who own rental properties.

Meandering up McKinley, I noticed a business that I had not seen before called the Briar Patch. It is a gift store with home decorating items. I asked how long it had been open and was told the opening was around Thanksgiving. Most of the items in the store had a Christmas/winter theme but they will soon be moving to a Valentines theme. The owner also does photography so she has been at the site for several years.
The Facebook page is here and it has more pictures.

I also noticed that the electrical shop next door was now Greg Schneider Electric and I do not remember seeing that name there before.
Checking the Internet, I found the company listed as a Remington company and checking the Jasper County GIS site showed that the Greg Schneider Electric bought the property from Rensselaer Electric at the end of May this year. The company has a website but it does not appear to have been kept up to date.

Going a bit a few steps further north, I noticed construction had begun on a building on the lot of the recently demolished Superior Sales and Service. Jasper County GIS does not record a property transfer for the lot.

About six weeks ago I mentioned that Eleanor Atkinson was listed on Wikipedia as a famous person who came from Rensselaer. I have done a bit more research and most of it is posted on (See here and here.)

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Anonymous said...

The old superior sales is being demolished to build the new marathon station and the old one is staying up til the new one is finished.