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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shopping at B&D Pools & Spas

A week or so after noticing some clothing being sold at B&D Pools & Spas, I got a chance to stop in and see what they were doing. B&D Pools & Spas is located at 613 North McKinley, in the northern part of the building that formerly housed Kirby Risk. It has been located here for about seven years. The people who own it bought the pool and spa business from Shanley's, and they continued the business for about three years in the location that is now Shelley's and Papa Bill's Pizza. They then moved for a very short while to a place somewhere in downtown Rensselaer, and then to their present location.
The pool business is seasonal. Sales are good during the summer and poor during the winter. However, they are also cyclical. When the economy declines, as it has recently, people cut back on things that they can live without, and swimming pools are often one of those things that get cut back. Last summer was brutal for them.
Over the years they have attempted various things to fill the seasonal void. This year they decided to try a small consignment shop. In November they replaced some pool merchandise with a variety of clothing and some other items. When summer arrives and the pool business revives, this area will again be devoted to pools and spas.
Maybe I can go back this summer and learn what a pool and spa business sells. With luck, the economy will be looking better this coming summer and they will start to recover from the great recession.

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