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Monday, January 16, 2017

Mostly updates

Below are some pictures I have recently taken. The first shows one of the many trucks carrying parts for the high rate treatment plant on Lincoln Street. This one was unusually large--the truck had an escort vehicle for its oversized load.
 The above picture was taken about a week ago. The picture below is from Sunday and shows the progress being made in framing the second floor of the Elza Street apartments.
 The Indiana Department of Transportation recently demolished the buildings on its old site in the northeast corner of Rensselaer. In the past week they have been taking down the fence that surrounded the property and digging out the fence posts. As the picture shows, those posts were anchored in concrete.
 Sydney Jacobs moved to the northern part of the old Chrysler building in mid summer and for a couple months did not have cars on the lot--I think there was some regulatory hurdle. Now they are fully stocked. With Ed White across the street, there are a lot of cars for sale on that block of N McKinley.
 The Visit Rensselaer Facebook page noted last week that there is a new statue in front of the hospital. It is, of course, a stature of Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone. I suspect that all the Franciscan Health hospitals have this or similar statue.
 An upcoming event that many kids will enjoy is the Family Train day at the library on Saturday.  Here is the post from two years ago.
 On Sunday the Prairie Arts Council had a reception for the photography exhibit currently showing in the Carnegie Center. It was well attended. Below is a picture of a saw-whet owl, which is a winter visitor to our region. This picture is used on the publicity cards for the exhibit.

Most of the pictures have short explanations with them, so you not only get to enjoy the wonderful pictures, but if you read the notes, you will learn a little about each of the birds pictured.
Over the weekend I stopped by the open house for Rensselaer's newest photography studio, Rustique Memories, which is located on the second floor above Unique Finds. The woman who runs the business is from Remington and is available by appointment most of the week. She also said that she works at Witko, which is located just north of Wolcott. I had never heard of the business, but they do packaging. (While searching for them up on the Internet, I found another Wolcott business that I did not know existed, Indiana Ribbon and Bow.)

For the past week or two I have been trying to clean out old computer equipment. I still have one old computer that reads floppy disks, so I decided I needed to check them and then toss them. Is there any use for these things?


Anonymous said...

Give the floppys to the library?

Grey Friar said...

Check the disks in your old computer. Download any data/documents you need to save, then transfer that to a CD or DVD. Hopefully your old machine will have a drive, or get a CD/DVD external drive, attach it to the USB port and then transfer the files onto it. once done, destroy the old discs so that the data can't be retrieved by a third party. Destroy by taking off the metal carrier and then bending the discs in half. Pliers are useful for this step.