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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pictures, Jan 21 2017

Saturday was sunny and warm. I saw two young guys jogging with only shorts and shoes (and socks) and they did not look cold.

The warm weather is the result of a warm front that brought us about an inch and a half of rain on Thursday and Friday. The river is full, but still a bit more than a foot below flood stage. The City is cutting down some of the trees that line the river in Weston Cemetery.
 What will be the high rate treatment plant now has a prime lakeside location. It probably would not have been used if it had been completed--though we got a lot of rain, it came down gradually over many hours.
 Today was Train Day at the Library. I did not get any really good pictures. The exhibit had trains with most of these gauges. One of the exhibitors said that the trains running on the Z gauges were very touchy--everything had to be just right or they would not run. When I was a kid I had a trains that used the O gauge but my kids had HO.
 The other day I stopped by what will be Embers Station because I saw the owner painting a decoration on the wall. He asked me not to take a picture of the painting in progress but did let me take some pictures of the progress inside. Below is what the two garage bays now look like. The pipes in the floor are drains and mark where a bar will be be. You can see the oven in the wall.
 A closer look at the oven. (For better pictures, see here and scroll through the series by clicking the arrows.)
 I had not realized that the oven was not inside the building but behind it.
 This week saw rapid progress on the Elza Street apartments. Below is a picture from Wednesday.
 Here is the site on Thursday.
 And here is the building on Friday.
 It has been a long while since I have visited the Antique Mall at Greene's Furniture.  (Here is a post from 2009.) While shopping for furniture on Saturday I stopped by. This large bronze stature is near the entrance. It would make a statement in any home.
 The old stove would be useful for power outages in winter. It was in excellent shape.
 I noticed these porcelain advertising thermometers because my father had one, but not for these products. They were once fairly common. The price on the Land O'Lakes thermometer was $99 and for the Burpee thermometer $140.
 There is a lot of stuff to see and if you are interested in antiques, a lot of stuff to buy.
 Speaking of furniture, two years ago R&S Used Furniture opened across from R&M. They have  closed because of health of one of the owners.

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