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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Some lasts and a first for me

There are two more "lasts" coming this week at SJC. On Thursday afternoon/evening the college radio station, WPUM, will have its last on-the-air shift. The station was started in 1978 and the first song broadcast was "Year of The Cat." The DJ from that broadcast will be back on the air for the final broadcast and the last song will be "Year of The Cat." This last show will be from 5:00 until 7:00 on April 27 and can be heard at 93.3 if you are close enough (it is a very low-powered station) or on the the Internet, (but I cannot find it to give you directions).

At 10:00 am on Friday April 28 the last Core lecture will be delivered in the Shen Auditorium. The second part of the lecture will be a special tribute to Core from Michael Nichols.

On Sunday I visited the flea market at the Fairgrounds. I was amazed at how many vendors were there and the variety of things they were selling. Some were quite ordinary, such as these food products.
 There was a large display of boots.
 These are bird houses decorated in many ways.
 Pots and pans.
 And then there were things that were a bit unusual, such these scrabble tiles.
 Or jewelry with a southern flavor.
 I thought these sewing machine tractors were interesting.
The next one is scheduled for May 21.

Apparently Strack and Van Til will soon be under new ownership. (At least we do not have to worry about the impending collapse of Sears.)


Anonymous said...

This appears to be the page with the live-stream link:

Old WPUM Engineer said...

I'm watching our once not so local Marsh Supermarkets chain close stores throughout Ohio and Indiana.
I plan to be at the WPUM sign off. I remember changing from carrier current AM station WOWI to Low Power Educational FM station WPUM on 90.5 MHz. In the Publications Building.