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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WPUM is back on the air

There is something different on the water tower at SJC, a new transmitter for the campus radio station WPUM.
Since 1977 WPUM had been a ten-watt station broadcasting at 90.5 FM. In the last year a non-commercial station in Crown Point, Indiana has been granted the right to broadcast on that frequency, and as a Class D station, WPUM was unprotected from losing their spot on the dial. So WPUM petitioned the FCC for another frequency and was granted 93.3. In the process, they were allowed to up their wattage. At 60 watts they will be able to reach more than a mile or two away from campus (but not too much more). If you want to hear them far away from campus, they stream on the internet.


30-year refugee said...

The stations I remember from my youth: WLS out of Chicago was a constant, and the place to tune in for big-time pop radio.

Locally I listened to WRIN, which played a mix of old and new music. There was also a WJCK, but I don't recall much about that station.

Old WPUM Engineer said...

I can remember catching 90.5 WPUM while driving on I65 between US231/Remington and IN114. You could also pick up WPUM at the Carson Inn.

What we didn't have in wattage we made up in antenna gain and height.