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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Halleck murals 7 & 8

Panel 7 covers the WWII years into the 1950s. The College expanded after WWII and with that growth the character of the College began to change.
I could not get a good picture of the entire panel, so the left side is shown above and the right side below.
 Here is the text explaining the panel. Notice how many more numbers there are compared to those showing early College history.
 Panel 8 is the third of the panels that have doors. It covers the 1950s and 1960s. In contrast to the first two panels with doors, this one has a lot of detail.
 As the College expanded, it needed to add more structures.
 President Eisenhower and Charles Halleck were present for the dedication of Halleck Center. Many of the buildings that were constructed were funded with federal loans. Unfortunately, SJC never outgrew its reliance on debt financing.
 Below is the explanation of panel 8.


Anonymous said...

Those murals are special. Thank you for the tour.

Heidi Rahe said...

I've always wanted to get this comment in print somewhere: Fr. William Stang is in mural 8, as a child. To the left of the doors is a male student looking at a calendar pinned to a bulletin board, and on that bulletin board is a small black-and-white photo. That photo is the painted copy of a snapshot of the Stang family. (I forgot exactly who is in it: one or two adults, baby, toddler). Bill's father was a married SJC student, which is how Bill was born in Rensselaer.