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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Halleck Murals, Panels 9 & 10

Panel 9 gets into the 1960s and the presidency of Fr. Charles Banet. Because of construction of the new bookstore, completed months before the announcement that the College would soon close, the space in front of this panel is very limited and I could not get a decent picture of the whole thing in one photo. The biggest change in this era was that the College went co-ed.

 Below is the text for the panel. Click any picture to open it in a new window and a larger size.
 Panel 10 also has very limited space in front of it and is difficult to photograph.  It subject is the destruction of the old Administration Building. On its left is a picture of the building, the earliest College building and next to it is the fire that destroyed it in 1973.
 The fire destroyed a great deal of classroom and office space. The next year the faculty were in Gaspar Hall, and it was there I had an office when I arrived in the fall of 1974.
 Here is the text for the panel.

Panels 7 and 8 are here. Panels 11 and 12 are here.

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