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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Scarecrow Trail

The Scarecrow Trail is filling up. Below is the entry from the CASA program.
Alliance Bank has a fairly traditional scarecrow.
 The Park Department entered a short one.
 The Hope Community scarecrow seems to have dozed off. It has the best use of Bomber colors.
 The heavy metal award definitely belongs to Claussen Company tin man. Where are the lion and Dorothy?
B&H Mowing featured a lawnmower scarecrow.
 The lady scarecrow is from the Soil and Water Conservation District. Mrs Kosiba's 6th Grade Enrichment Class.
 Franciscan Working Well has the scariest scarecrow. "We are bad to the bone while helping you feel better from the inside out."
 The Fire Department's entry is promoting fire safety.
Girl Scouts had an entry that seems to be selling cookies.
 Prairie Arts Council has a very artistic entry highlighting the arts of painting, writing, music. It is one of the corniest entries.
Brown's entry is a huge table decoration. After this picture was taken, someone added large glasses to the face.
Rensselaer Central High School FCS has a small scarecrow.
The entry from Franciscan Health  Franciscan Health Employee Engagement
may have the funniest scarecrows.
At the south end of the park nearest College Avenue are a couple scarecrow graduates ready to hit the road to continue their education. The exhibit is from Bombers for Academic Excellence.
Thursday's post had pictures of entries from St. Augustine School and IBEC.

When I first heard of this event, I wondered why anyone would enter given that there was a small entry fee. Those that did enter figured out that it was an inexpensive way to advertise their product, service, or existence.

 I have been looking for color in the trees and found some. I believe the species is Toxicodendron radicans.


Anonymous said...

I hope this heavy rain doesn't do much damage to them.

Unknown said...

You got it. POISON IVY.