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Monday, December 8, 2008

Blowing Up Santa

Even before Thanksgiving the Christmas decorations were being deployed. In the past plastic Santas were very popular, and there are still a few around town, like the one that I found on West Vine Street.

But far more popular today are the inflatable Santas and other holiday characters. The largest blow-up Santa that I have found in Rensselaer is on Fleming Ave where it stands along with Santa's trusty companion, Frosty the Snowman. Does Frosty ride shotgun in the sleigh, or does he help pull it? Someone needs to write a song to give him an appropriate role because he seems to be a frequent companion to Santa.

On Milroy Avenue Santa is in his airplane and Frosty is on his snowmobile and they are about to collide. The propeller rotates, and my camera exposure was so long enough in the low light that the propeller is blurred.
Santa and Frosty really get around town. Here they are in yard on Park Avenue, with Frosty Junior and Baby Santa at the controls of the North Pole Express.
You may have a hard time seeing him, but Santa is sitting on the porch of this house on Milroy Avenue. In the blow-upable merry-go-round a penguin, a snowman, and a Santa riding reindeer. How did a penguin get to be mixed in with Christmas?
On the east side of town we have a whole family of snowmen welcoming visitors to town.
You can tell by the lack of snow in some of these pictures that I took them at least a week ago. I have taken many more pictures of Christmas decorations and will to share some of them in the next few weeks.

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