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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Finals week

It is finals week at SJC. Look at the intensity of these students. Based just on intensity, they probably should all get an A.

This class seemed to have a child prodigy. Could there is another explanation? Finals are not at the times of regular classes. Maybe the change in time caused problems with the babysitter.
Let us see what this student is writing. It looks like is is something about banks and liquidity and cash reserves. Maybe it is an economics class.


Anonymous said...

You were very kind to allow the kid to stay. I've had professors who never would have been so forgiving... even at Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I think the student writing the answer seems very intelligent. In fact, the fluidity and conciseness of his writing indicates a vast and unparalleled knowlegde of the subject. Clearly the student has exceeded all expectations and the professor may deserve a little credit as well.

MJOakes said...

I see that the student with the hand left no margin on the left side of the page. Perhaps this was a strategy to prevent the professor from commenting, and perhaps that as an attempt to deflect feedback or criticism. Either that is a sign of a desire for great control or deep insecurity.

Was it really necessary to circle the number of the question? Or was that an attempt to draw attention away from the content of the answer?

Anonymous said...

Being enriched with the core program, all should understand the circle is the sign of completeness, and so it flows that the response must have been complete. Therefore it appears this feeble and anemic attack, which provides a meagerly pitiful argument, on this innocent student was clearly unmerited and should be simply disregarded. I am left wondering what provoked such a preemptive strike as those who are quick to lash out usually do so to cover up some sort of weakness.