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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hospital parking

Several months ago I noticed construction activity behind the hospital but did not know what was being done. Saturday I was in the area again and saw that they had almost finished an extension to the parking lot. The snow makes it hard to see much in this picture, but the foundations for the light poles are a giveaway.
There must be concern about drainage because there is a detention basin that can fill with rain runoff. It will be interesting to see how often it will contain water.There was more parking construction in front of the hospital and another detention basin.

If I had been really interested, I could have checked the hospital's website and found out that they were adding this parking because they are building an office in the west parking area and also plan an expansion of the existing building. They even have some pictures of the construction, which they probably will be updating.

Update: I ran by this morning and it looked like a parking lot, and not just because the snow was gone.

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