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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rensselaer's Christmas Parade

Rensselaer had its annual Christmas Parade on Thursday night, December 4, 2008. This year it was organized by the postal workers. Below is some video of the parade that I captured with my digital camera and slapped together in iMovie.

The parade came north on College Ave, and the first section of the movie is on the corner where the highway leaves College and picks up Washington on its way downtown. The second section of the movie was taken from the north side of the bridge over the Iroquois.

I thought the parade was over after the last bit I shot, but there was some more to it that lagged far behind. By the time it arrived, I had wandered off looking for other things to photograph. (Lori Garcia, one of those who organized the parade, said the gap existed because the walkers could not keep up with the motorized exhibits that went before. The lesson for the future, put the walking units up front.)


Ed said...

I remember when I used to think that all those sirens were so much fun. Living in/near DC I don't think I have the same opinion anymore. The novelty it must be lost once you move somewhere where lights and sirens are a constant.... that or I'm getting old.

30-year refugee said...

I don't remember any such parade during my youth spent in Indiana. That would be during the 1970s.