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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa's Village

Saturday morning from 10:00 until 2:00 Santa visited the Fire Station in Rensselaer. I stopped by to take some pictures.
Devon's Family Restaurant provided free hot chocolate and cookies. I took pictures of a puppet show, but they were very blurry because I did not have the flash on. The same happened with the pictures I took of Santa.
The radio station was there, as was a professional photographer who was taking pictures of the kids with Santa. (There was a charge for those pictures.)
There were a few commercial booths.
There was also some other activity for kids in the back, but I never did figure out what that was. Too many kids were in the way.
The Post Office was accepting letters to Santa.
The Chamber of Commerce organized this event. Here is Tracy, one of the Chamber elves in charge.
Some members of the Rensselaer High School band were playing Christmas music. I do not get to see much of the high school band anymore since I no longer have kids in high school. I could not resist recording a bit of their playing.

Update: My e-mail this morning told me that the fee for pictures at Santa's Village was actually a donation to the local food pantry. They were also accepting food items in lieu of the $5 fee. The project in the back was kids decorating stockings.

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