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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Silver linings

The freezing rain of December 19 did a lot of damage, but there was a silver lining. It also created great beauty. Some of our attempts to decorate for the holidays are based on the sorts of things we see when everything is coated with ice, even it we do not welcome the destructive side of the event.
Here is a spruce tree in Milroy Park that already had Christmas lights, but now it has nature's own tinsel.
We decorate trees with red ornaments. Here is one that nature has decorated.
The wire in the fence at the softball field at Brookside Park was evenly coated. It was a very strange sight.
This old house looks like it belongs in an old-fashioned Christmas story even without the ice covered branches. If you know your Rensselaer history, you recognize this as the Alfred Thompson House on Park Avenue built in 1878 or 1879. It is in the Second Empire style with a mansard roof.
Weston Cemetery, with its big old trees and weathered tombstones, often has camera-ready subjects.
That is a tombstone hiding behind the branches covered in icicles. The tilt to the icicles is not due to wind, but the to tree limb sagging after the ice buildup.
This picture was taken near Lake Banet.
I think this is a branch of a hackberry tree. It is in Iroquois Park.
And this is from Flat Iron or Memorial Park.
Finally, oak leaves from a tree at SJC.


Anonymous said...

These photos are award winning ones. The fence, in particular, is amazing. This is one of my favorite pieces you have artistically done.

Desert Survivor said...

Great photos! You sure got a lot of ice.