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Friday, January 9, 2009

Amtrak in the morning

Every morning the Amtrak train stops at the tiny Rensselaer station on its way to Chicago.
Four days a week the train starts in Indianapolis and is called the Hoosier State, and on those mornings the train has only two or three cars. On the day I took these pictures, the train was longer, indicating that it had started in New York and was called the Cardinal.
The train pulled to a stop, the conductor looked around to see if anyone was waiting, and quickly pulled away. (Passengers who are boarding in Rensslaer are supposed to buy their tickes online.)
Away it goes, past the little shelter.
This evening it will be coming back from Chicago, and if you live in Rensselaer and listen carefully, you may hear it.


Desert Survivor said...

I fondly remember riding the train to Chicago--it's great that there is still service!

Anonymous said...

I believe that the blog is unfinished as we do not have a clue as to whether there were any desserts on the train. I hope this is rectified immediately. Seeing that my hand is now on this blog, I believe I have a right to comment.

Dessert Survivor said...

Thanks, Richard, for your input. Next time I am there when the train pulls in, I will ask about dessert. Of course, the answer may be different for the Hoosier than for the Cardinal. But if you get the answer first, be sure to pass it on.

Desert Survivor--I think if I lived where you live, I would miss the train whistle. For some reason, I always enjoy hearing trains.