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Monday, March 30, 2009

Men at work

The end of March is here and I have a bunch of pictures that are sitting on my hard drive. It is time to have another post that meanders a bit.

Last week I noticed the sign about construction for the new hospital. It probably has been there for months, but I do not get out that way too often.Whenever I do get out that way, I usually snap a picture of the construction. On March 16 the masons were at work on the cement block façade, but it still looked a lot like it had on February 8.
On March 28 the façade was complete and it looked like the workers were heating the interior.
When I saw the workmen carrying the window frames for the Lafayette Bank and Trust renovations, I had to take a picture. That might be the only job on the site that I would have been able to do--carry the frames 50 feet.A few days later the new windows were installed. The inside of the bank, however, has not changed much from the last time I peeked inside.
Down the street I saw someone doing something above what used to be Harvey's Copy Center. That space will soon become part of the Clauss Bakery.
Being inquisitive (which sounds better than being nosy), I stopped and asked how much was left to be done and how they were going to make a hole in the wall to connect the old part with the new part. I was told that the hole was already finished, and all that was left to do before the new addition opened was the heating and air conditioning.As I said, this post was going to meander, so let us fly west a couple miles. I noticed that there was trenching between some of the eleven light poles along Airport Road. (They obviously did not have a neat machine like the one that was used for cable installation at St Joseph's College.) And then I found this trench that headed from the light poles to places unknown. When an airplane taxied near the trench, I quickly snapped a picture. My guess is that they were upgrading or repairing the electrical wiring.
I will end this with one more meander, this from an e-mail I received:
On my walk through the cemetery I stopped to talk with Phil Evers who was righting gravestones that had been undermined by the strong river current with the last flood. I asked who was going to do something about the downed tree that is so big it is acting as a dam and really impeding the flow of the river. He said that the banks of the river are owned by the state. The cemetery people cannot do anything on the north bank without permission. The Army Corps of Engineers was informed but Phil was not hopeful. There are two trees down across the river downstream. They crisscross each other and form another dam. They have been there for years. Phil also said that the river upstream had been recently deeply dredged and therefore pulls in more water hence more flooding potential.

Phil said that when he got to the cemetery this morning and did his drive through there was a car in the river. Someone stole a car (a nice car) and did doughnuts in the park then drove to the new cemetery and drove all over the lawn tearing up the sod and then drove to the old cemetery and ditched the car in the river. The car was gone by the time I got there.
The tree is an attractive nuisance. Already youngsters are climbing onto it, and with a swift current, they could easily be swept into the river. Who do we sue if something bad happens?

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Can you take a photo of those trees? You have made me curious.