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Monday, March 16, 2009

Signs of spring

This sign pretty much says it all.
The picture above was taken on March 12. Note the high water in the background and the sandbags. Here is a better look at the sandbag in a picture taken a day later.
By the way, the lady with the pole really knew how to handle it. I had a lot more trouble when I was raising gas prices, but I did have a longer pole.

Below is another sign that spring is on the way.
(Why is kite flying concentrated in the spring? Why do people not fly them more in the summer?)


30-year refugee said...

i have to assume the ice cream stand is what i remember as the tastee freeze near downtown. has to be the same place. i remember getting ice cream at tastee freeze and being able to look at the river.

30-year refugee said...

and here's a question/request. is the old train station still standing, and if so, what does it look like? it was empty in the '70s, at least as far back as i remember. the utility sheds along the tracks down from the station, and the access road along it, was fascinating to a kid such as me. i remember the station was empty and the windows may have been broken out...not sure on that, but you could go right in the door of the station, it wasn't locked. i don't remember it being particularly vandalized inside, but i could be wrong.

Dessert Survivor said...

The old depot is long gone. See this entry, and follow some of the links: