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Monday, June 15, 2009

Glazebrook Park: from park to parking

I finally found time to spend a little time with Vintage Views in the library. One of the things I discovered was a past city park, Glazebrook Park. Today, this is what Glazebrook Park looks like.
There is more information in the book, History of Jasper County, Indiana, 1985, which was privately printed with only 750 copies. It had two items, the first from a Chamber of Commerce publication from about 1900.
Rensselaer people should be proud of the city zoo, and also of the fact that we have two real public spirited men, Mr. Sauser and Mr. Glazebrook, who have made such an institution possible in Rensselaer. The collection was started on a modest basis, and was added to until it reached its present proportions. Now, the animals listed include several fox, money-faced owls, a wild boar, some wolves, ground hogs, racoons,[sic] a bear and others. Shortly, two deer will be added.
The other piece said that in the summer of 1937 the American Legion and some businessmen lobbied the city council for parking because the state was threatening to have the state highway bypass Rensselaer. As a result, a parking lot was constructed in Glazebrook Park. In May, 1938, the Jasper County Historical Society requested that the city rename Glazebrook Park to Pottawatamie Park. The Historical Society said that the city parking lot had once been the site of a Pottawatamie encampment each spring and fall. "The set up their wig-wams in what is now the parking grounds of the city, and would fish and hunt for a period of three to six weeks twice a year."

Maybe a historical plaque would be appropriate for that area, perhaps when (if?) the Austin Park plans ever are realized.

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Ed said...

Huh, never realized Rensselaer had a zoo! Are there any pictures/sketches of the old park?