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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monnett modules

Today I noticed that the foundations for the modules sitting in the Monnett parking lot had been poured. I also noticed that there were five sections in the parking lot, which is strange since two of them combine together to make one unit. Finally, the foundations said that there would be a U-shaped placement, not an L-shaped placement that I reported earlier.
Three hours later I was returning home and I decided to swing behind Monnett to see if I could find the sixth module. I was very surprised to see that the modules were in the process of being moved. (Click on the picture for a larger view.)
I asked the driver about the missing module and he said it would be delivered tomorrow. (We will see if that prediction comes true.)
I also talked to a person who works for the school corporation and found that these modules were originally at the Lawrenceburg school system. The Rensselaer school corporation bought them and had them reconditioned at the original factory. The unit furthest south will be the alternative school. The middle unit will have rest rooms and other services. The north unit with be a technology center with computers and other goodies. It will be used for staff training and perhaps for various non-traditional courses. (If I got any of that wrong, I expect to be corrected in the comments.)
The modules still have to be placed on the foundations and put together. But as you drive by on College, you will see sort of what they will look like this fall.
Update: See here for some background.


reMark said...

Interesting thing in this pic-the unit with the restrooms inside is facing the wrong direction!

Sheila said...

I hate to be negative (sorry reMark), but they aren't very attractive...and they are located on one of our main streets for all to see. Are they going to make them more appealing to they eye (maybe some landscaping would help)? They probably have plans for this and I just need to be patient...right?

reMark said...

Sheila patient? haha. Yes there are plans to landscape and pretty them up the best we can. They are meant to be a temporary solution as the School Board figures out what options we have for Monnett, etc.. .

There will be a metal skirt around the bottom to hide the wheels and a ramp and decking installed along the interior of the U shape.

I agree they aren't pretty in this stage.