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Saturday, June 20, 2009

On the beach

The baby pool at Brookside Park was blocked off during the week we had a toddler in the house, so on Wednesday afternoon we decided to go to the beach at Lake Banet. Most toddlers like water. Our toddler certainly does. As long as his face is dry, he is fearless, which means he must be watched constantly, especially at a lake, which is much more dangerous than a pool. (There is a very steep drop off to the south of the beach area that can be hazardous to any non-swimmers who stray into that area.)
The only thing better than water is water with sand. Day Camp for the Cub Scouts has been meeting at Lake Banet Park this week, and they left the beach littered with their buckets and shovels.
Although he is only two, our toddler already enjoys pouring water. The Cub Scouts had been busy as well, leaving behind little waterways from their construction of lakes and dams.
I knew he had nothing good in mind when I saw him approaching me with a shovel of sand. You can read his mind by looking at his face.
Sooner or later it is time to lay down in the wter and get completely soaked.
By the end of our stay, the shirt was off, and the relatively clean lake water no longer was enough. Why go to the big lake when you can have your own little lake full of muddy water?
(The Lake Banet swim area is not open to the general public. It requires a pass that is available to students and employees of SJC plus some other friends of the college.)

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30-year-refugee said...

i had forgotten about lake banet, but as soon as you mentioned it, vague memories of a few visits to the beach popped into my head. i lived relatively close to brookside, so i did a lot of swimming there. don't remember all th occasions for visiting lake banet, but i was there more than once, and don't remember it being semi-private. has it always been?